• Multiple suicide bombers have left at least 36 people dead and at least 147 wounded at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul, Turkey. State reports say there were three attackers.

    (Source: Maarten Visser/flickr)
    LAST UPDATE : Jun 28, 2016, 8:33 PM EDT
  • A Syrian man carries his two girls as he walks across the rubble following a barrel bomb attack on the rebel-held neighbourhood of al-Kalasa in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on September 17, 2015.

    U.S. officials have announced that at least four cruise missiles launched from a Russian ship, aimed at targets in Syria, have crashed into Iranian locations by mistake.

    LAST UPDATE : Oct 09, 2015, 12:16 AM EDT
  • SOMA, TURKEY - MAY 15: Relatives of the trapped mines react infront of the mine May 15, 2014 in Soma, a district in Turkey's western province of Manisa. An explosion and fire in the coal mine killed at least 274 miners and trapped hundreds more. Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said 787 workers had been in the mine when the blast occurred. Turkey has declared three days of mourning following the disaster. Credit Ahmet Sik/Getty Images
    At least 282 people have been confirmed dead following the country's deadliest industrial disaster, while thousands protested in major cities.
    LAST UPDATE : May 15, 2014, 12:19 PM EDT