John Kerry
  • A Gaza truce was holding on Wednesday as Egyptian mediators pursued talks with Israeli and Palestinian representatives on an enduring end to a war that has devastated the Hamas Islamist-dominated enclave.

    Children hold a candlelight vigil in solidarity with victims of bombings in Gaza on August 5, 2014 in Amman, Jordan.
    LAST UPDATE : Aug 06, 2014, 7:31 AM EDT
  • WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 18: Secretary of State John Kerry speaks about the situation in Crimea during a town hall meeting with university students at the State Department, on March 18, 2014 in Washington, DC. Kerry spoke at the town hall meeting that was billed as 'Making Foreign Policy Less Foreign.' Credit Mark Wilson/Getty Images

    Secretary of State John Kerry suggested he may pull back from his mediator role in trying to reach a Middle East peace agreement, calling for a "reality check" as negotiations near collapse.

    LAST UPDATE : Apr 04, 2014, 1:02 PM EDT