Benjamin Netanyahu
  • China has traditionally maintained a low profile in Mid East diplomacy, but in recent years has tried to play a more active role in the region.

    China's President Xi Jinping, right, and his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas attend a signing ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China Monday, May 6, 2013. (AP Photo/Jason Lee, Pool)
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  • JERUSALEM - APRIL 21: Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks on as he leads the weekly cabinet meeting on April 21, 2013. in Jerusalem.

    Netanyahu has not commented directly on the Arab League's latest initiative, but his words questioned its central tenet — the exchange of land for peace.

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  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, along with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, left, delivers remarks to the media at the start of their meeting at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

    U.S. secretary of state held "very constructive talks" with Israeli and Palestinian leaders and will press on with push for bilateral negotiations.

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  • Israeli border policemen evict a Palestinian activist from an area known as E1 near Jerusalem, Sunday, March 24, 2013. Palestinian activists erected tents in the E1 area to protest Israeli plans for a new settlement in the area. (AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

    The money, as much as $100 million a month, is key to the Palestinians' ability to pay tens of thousands of civil servants, the backbone of the Palestinian economy.

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