Danish daily is giving up air travel to limit its carbon footprint

Jan 16, 2019, 7:29 AM EST
(Source: Francis Storr/flickr)
(Source: Francis Storr/flickr)

Politiken, one of Denmark’s major newspapers, is beginning to practice what’s been hard to even preach. For its coverage on travel, the daily will no longer take domestic flights and will curtail the international ones to a minimum.

Newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Christian Jensen, informed that the decision is driven by growing alarm over climate change, which now tops the agenda on the voters’ mind, notes The Herald.

The daily will also make a raft of editorial changes into its travel section, including more focus on Denmark, the Nordic countries and Northern Europe, which are well-connected by road and rail network and dropping a Weekend Guide format that encourages readers to take long flights, reports Tree Hugger.

This is a bold move by Politiken, one which also risks taking a financial blow, but Jensen believes the strategy aligns with the theme of climate-consciousness, which in turn resonates both with customers and travel advertisers.