Laura Thompson’s photo series captures our dislocation with nature

Jun 06, 2019, 8:34 AM EDT
(Source: Design Boom/Laura Thompson)
(Source: Design Boom/Laura Thompson)

California-born photographer Laura Thompson, in her latest photo series called “Senseless,” showcases how modern technology and science have absorbed people’s senses and turned them passive to their natural environments.

In her photographs that are pegged on the urban mythology of Bigfoot, Yeti-like figures clad in plastic materials are captured wandering alone in natural surroundings, a state that corresponds with being stranded in between two worlds, with one that runs on science and technology and the other the other by nature, writes Design Boom.

The senses of this creature, just like that of the society, have been consumed to the extent that it cannot go back to nature even when it tries to and, hence, remains roaming within the fringes of the two worlds.