How adventurers are helping track plastic pollution

May 13, 2019, 8:05 AM EDT
(Source: rey perezoso/flickr)
(Source: rey perezoso/flickr)

A Montana-based nonprofit organization called Adventure Scientists is handing down a water bottle and a few tips to avid adventurers asking them to collect water samples from remote nooks and corners of the world while on leisure trip.

These volunteering citizen scientists may not appeal to a snobbish researcher but data tells a different story. This crowdsourcing of water samples has helped scientists analyze 2,700 samples over four years – one of the largest global datasets to date, notes Seeker.

The whole approach is praiseworthy as it brings virtually every place within the reach of the researchers without straining their resources. Also, public engagement in the process that studies and catalogs debris to assess the extent of microplastic pollution in different waterways spreads awareness to this environmental threat, now pervading even the most pristine ecosystems on the planet.