This is world's first credit card with a carbon limit

May 13, 2019, 7:15 AM EDT

Doconomy, a Sweden-based think tank, has come up with an innovative solution to put a leash on reckless consumerism, which is a key contributor to the planet’s worsening state. The fintech company has launched a credit card that sets the spending limit based on the carbon-dioxide emissions of purchases by an individual, thus doing its bit in restraining their carbon footprint.  

The DO Black credit card, made from bio-sourced material and printed with recycled air pollution particles, lets users make daily purchases and track the emissions related to each transaction via the DO app, notes Dezeen.

Apparently, this tool puts the onus on the consumer to understand the impact of their purchases and change their behavior accordingly, but at the same time, it may nudge the brands to respond as well, reports Fast Company. The companies will be required to adapt their systems if consumers begin to check the app for carbon footprints before they make a purchase.