The lost legacies of the chimpanzee clans

Mar 08, 2019, 7:30 AM EST
(Source: Aaron Logan/flickr)
(Source: Aaron Logan/flickr)

Much like humans, chimpanzees are gifted with the rare ability to pass down their family traditions through generations. They are use tools, hold funerals for the dead, crack their nuts, go ant fishing and, more surprisingly, cultivate culture and practices unique to their different communities.

Unfortunately, indiscriminate habitat destruction in the African forests is wiping out cultural diversity in this vulnerable species, eroding their legacies forever. A comprehensive 10-year study on chimpanzee groups in Africa reveals the disturbing impact of habitat loss, poaching, and disease on these creatures, reports Gizmodo.

Unlike previous studies that have largely been restricted to examining the loss to genetic diversity among chimps, this one assesses the impact of human activity on chimpanzees’ behavioral and cultural diversity as well.

The chimps in the hardest hit habitats of Africa fail to replicate any of the 31 behaviors that their ancestors showed, signaling how their craft is virtually dead, notes The Atlantic.