Climate change apathy will “erode national security”

Mar 07, 2019, 6:50 AM EST
(Source: Takver/flickr)
(Source: Takver/flickr)

Fifty eight former military and intelligence officials in the U.S. have written a letter to President Donald Trump, warning him that apathy in acknowledging and tackling climate change “will erode national security.”

The blunt message comes on the heels of the reports that the Trump administration plans to draft in select federal scientists to review and potentially contradict the findings of disquieting federal climate reports, writes Eco Watch.

In the letter, the ex-officials have advised the president against subjecting climate change reports to political test, notes The Washington Post. So far, the Trump administration has refrained from questioning or showing skepticism over climate change assessments originating from the military and intelligence agencies. But the talk of a new panel takes a break from their approach and could open up a “new phase of attack on climate science.”

More than 20 reports from U.S. military and intelligence agencies have acknowledged that climate change is a threat to U.S. facilities, for example, naval bases could be at risk of flooding and drought and other events could breed conflicts.