A sound wave has mass. Here's more evidence

Mar 07, 2019, 3:23 AM EST
(Source: colorfulco1967/flickr)
(Source: colorfulco1967/flickr)

We are familiar with the metaphoric pounding of harsh words. Vitriolic comments do strike our souls with mountainous weight. Now, the physics is converging to the notion with more evidence that sound waves carry mass.

Conventionally, sound has been characterized as a mechanical wave carrying energy, with no unambiguous evidence that it carries mass as well. That perception was debunked last year when two researchers showed in an experiment that sound travels across superfluid helium with a certain mass, notes Phys.org.

Now, three researchers at Columbia University have used effective field theory techniques to prove mathematically that sound waves carry tiny amounts of mass as they move through materials and hence, can produce their own gravitational fields, writes Science Alert. Although, the mass carried by sound waves isn’t huge, these results could further our understanding of the space.