Candidly, the only tool for AI regulation is AI

Mar 04, 2019, 3:08 AM EST
(Source: Many Wonderful Artists/flickr)
(Source: Many Wonderful Artists/flickr)

From technology perspective, the world is in a crucially transient phase, making a shift from human-led systems to the ones driven and run by machine learning, robotic manufacturing, automation and deep learning.

With the leap, we will need well-defined and authoritative laws and code of ethics to regulate how governments, corporates and institutions develop, integrate and upgrade artificial intelligence systems, which may be next to impossible for humans, writes Forbes.

AI has been touted largely as a commercial tool, but its ethical fallouts are beginning to show. The technology could be a weapon for forgery; its military applications can raze populations in a snap, and it may jeopardize democracy.

Even as these threats are evident, the focus vis-à-vis AI remains on its business adoption and application instead of discussions over the consequences of the technology falling into rogue hands or revisiting fossilized laws to prevent abuse.

Candidly, humans may not have the capability to regulate artificial intelligence once it proliferates on multiple fronts and machines and algorithms underpin all processes and systems. We will need a “good” AI to keep the “bad” one in check.