Technology addiction is invading our real lives

Mar 04, 2019, 1:34 AM EST
(Source: Rawpixel Ltd/flickr)
(Source: Rawpixel Ltd/flickr)

On commute, in social gatherings and even around dining tables, eyes glued to mobile screens and brains hooked to a virtual space, distracted from the real world. These are common scenes across the globe and personify a paradoxical relationship whereby technology promises to connect but leaves individuals immersed in a “digital dopamine society,” alienating them and subtly nudging them to surrender their free will.

Technological immersion is the new introversion, writes Medium. Internet streaming services like Netflix, gaming, social media and mobile addiction form a power cocktail of “distraction unreality,” – the one that serves the customers, on its face, but in reality, enslaves them to an “information capitalism.”

The “Netflix-Tinder-Facebook (NTF) culture” may have empowered us but not without a hefty price. Many of us remain sleep deprived, have far less face-to-face interactions with family and friends and increasingly stick to a template, robotic, app-dependent behavior. This alternate technological life is no more an extension of our real lives but an encroachment of virtual on real.