U.S. lawmakers reach deal to stave off new shutdown

Feb 12, 2019, 3:55 AM EST
(Source: Charles Edward Miller/flickr)
(Source: Charles Edward Miller/flickr)

Republicans and Democrats have struck a tentative deal, which would hand U.S. President Donald Trump a fraction of the funding he seeks to shore up border security along the frontier with Mexico, however, the agreement makes no mention of a physical barrier.

The deal, if approved by Congress and Trump, will stave off a fresh U.S. government shutdown, which kicks in on Friday when the last month’s federal funding deal expires, notes the BBC. It remains unclear if Trump would greenlight the deal that could be finalized after hours of close-door meeting and initial hiccups over immigration policy enforcement.

The headway in the negotiations didn’t seem to make enough difference to Trump, who in a rally in El Paso, Texas, said, “we’re building the wall anyway,” writes The Guardian. Earlier on Sunday, the shutdown talks broke down over Democrats’ demand to cap the number of beds in immigrant detention facilities at 16,500, a condition that finds no place in the final deal.