What could be AI’s verdict for lawyers?

Feb 11, 2019, 6:49 AM EST
(Source: wp paarz/flickr)
(Source: wp paarz/flickr)

Artificial intelligence might turn a majority of paralegal and legal research positions obsolete in not more than a decade. Could this expansion shake up the higher hierarchy and replace lawyers or even judges from their pedestals is rightly the next question.

Tom Girardi, a renowned civil litigator, opines that AI could be truly “transformational” for legal system, as it improves the speed, quality and economics of research and deliverables to the clients, notes Forbes.

Instead of dozens of paralegals and legal researchers, the courts and legal services would rely on algorithms to quickly glean heaps of information, filter meaningful points and expedite the currently overburdened judicial process.

Could this efficiency cost lawyers a big fraction of their fee as they would no longer be able to bill high number of hours? The answer, says Girardi, is a “No.” A better speed in analyzing a case and resolving the dispute, and with lower costs, might cut down billing hours but that will be easily offset by repeat business resulting from enhanced efficiency.

Meanwhile, technology companies such as Smarter Drafter are already experimenting with prototype virtual lawyer, an AI-driven tool loaded with the decision-making skills of expert lawyers to create legal documents, writes CIO.