EU-backed group meets to weigh in on Venezuela crisis

Feb 07, 2019, 4:29 AM EST
(Source: Đại Kỷ Nguyên ĐKN/flickr)
(Source: Đại Kỷ Nguyên ĐKN/flickr)

Leaders from Europe and Latin American countries are heading to the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo for a meeting, aimed at figuring out a way to resolve a deepening political crisis in Venezuela.

As opposed to the U.S. and the Lima Group, which advocate a direct international intervention against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the International Contact Group (ICG) on Venezuela gathering in Uruguay, will chalk out a strategy with “hands-off” approach, writes Reuters.

The ICG has presented a plan, named “Montevideo Mechanism,” rooted in “good faith” and striving to find a “political and peaceful process” by which Venezuelans could decide their own fate through free and fair elections within 90 days, notes The New York Times.

At a time when Maduro regime is seriously challenged by self-declared interim President Juan Guaido, a soft stance as being adopted by the ICG and some other nations could let the leader “off the hook.”