Study: We can learn new language while asleep

Feb 06, 2019, 7:43 AM EST
(Source: Timothy Krause/flickr)
(Source: Timothy Krause/flickr)

Learning is an exclusively conscious process. Well, you would be compelled to reconsider that notion, as a new study, published in Current Biology, suggests that we can learn a new language in our sleep if the information is fed in a specific manner.

It’s an established fact that sleeping plays a role in learning process, allowing the brain to identify and delete the “cache” and make space for new stuff, but this is the first time researchers observed that a sleeping brain can encode new information and retain it for long time, writes Discover.

The finding also indicates that the boundaries of consciousness aren’t markedly defined, with certain autonomic processes spanning across schism of consciousness and unconsciousness all the time, notes Big Think.