Unplug from Facebook & you will be less partisan

Feb 01, 2019, 7:01 AM EST
(Source: Stock Catalog/flickr)
(Source: Stock Catalog/flickr)

Accept it or not but Facebook has a stronghold over our lives. A study by researchers from Stanford University and New York University has found that deactivating your Facebook account will leave you with more time for offline activities like socializing for family and friends while making you politically less polarized.

The experiment was carried out with just over 1,400 random Facebook users, ahead of November midterm 2018 elections in the U.S., writes Futurism.

The impacts on users, who unplugged from the addictive social media platform for four weeks, were a mixed bag, as they could squeeze an hour of downtime for the real world but not without trading off a certain degree of political awareness and knowledge, notes The New York Times.

The results reflect how Facebook interferes with the behavior, thinking and politics of its active monthly users but the social media giant was quick to respond quoting from the study itself that  “Facebook produces large benefits for its users.”