EU unmoved after U.K. MPs press for new Brexit deal

Jan 30, 2019, 2:52 AM EST
(Source: DAVID HOLT/flickr)
(Source: DAVID HOLT/flickr)

British lawmakers on Tuesday narrowly backed an amendment in the House of Commons, authorizing Prime Minister Theresa May to reopen talks with the EU for replacing a controversial Irish border arrangement in her Brexit deal, however, the bloc promptly reminded the British leader that the withdrawal agreement “is not open for renegotiation.”

May assured the MPs that she would try to extract more concessions from the EU and get a renegotiated deal for vote in the parliament, writes The Guardian. If the government fails to sway the EU over reworking the deal within next 12 days, the government will lay out its course of action for the parliament to vote on it.

While it remains unclear as to what sort of concessions May could seek from the EU, but experts believe she would pursue a time limit to the backstop or a clause for unilateral exit. The U.K., due to leave the EU by March 29, risks crashing out of the bloc without a deal if the British parliament fails to forge a consensus, notes Al Jazeera.