Ownership of one’s data should be a human right

Jan 22, 2019, 7:11 AM EST
(Source: ijclark/flickr)
(Source: ijclark/flickr)

will.i.am, a musician and entrepreneur, believes that personal data should be recognized as a human right and as a property for which an individual is fairly compensated. The idea may sound too radical at first thought but isn’t devoid of some real substance.

The tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and others that collect, store and trade our data make billions of dollars, returning the favor to the owner of that data with a “free” account – this model is not only heavily lopsided but also involves consequences of data breaches, manipulation by fake news and compromised privacy, notes The Economist.

The perks of having an exclusive fundamental right over our personal data would involve data portability, the ability to migrate our entire account to a different competitor platform for better monetary return, writes Medium.