Labor seeks Commons vote to hold new EU referendum

Jan 22, 2019, 4:00 AM EST
British opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn submitted an amendment calling for vote on two options.
(Source: Hamish_Gill/flickr)

British opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on Monday submitted an amendment calling on Theresa May’s government to hold a vote in Commons on two options- an alternative Brexit plan proposed by Labors and whether to legislate “to hold a public vote on a deal.”

The intervention marks a breakaway in Labors’ policy towards people’s vote on Brexit, but the cautiously worded amendment reflected the opposition’s hesitation in committing full-throttle support for a referendum, notes The Guardian.

Britain is running out of time as March 29, the date set in law for Brexit, approaches. The latest amendment by Labor Party aims to grab control of Brexit proceedings from a beleaguered May, whose withdrawal agreement was trounced with a historic margin in the House of Commons last week, writes Reuters.

May plans to win over Tory rebels by extracting concessions from Brussels, a strategy already dismissed as a non-starter by many while Labors’ alternative Brexit plan too lacks a decisive backing.