What’s wrong with our language vis-à-vis AI?

Jan 21, 2019, 7:40 AM EST
(Source: Web Summit/flickr)
(Source: Web Summit/flickr)

Simon Ings in a post for New Scientist takes strong exception to organizers’ decision to name a show on artificial intelligence as “AI: More than human?” He is blunt in pointing out the flawed lexicon being used to promote the technology.

Ings finds language to be at the heart of the problem – the tendency to sell the technology by waylaying us with false claims and even coaxing us to make grossly mistaken assumptions about ourselves.

The hype and deception around Sophia, the robot, is a case in point. Manufacturer Hanson Robotics claimed “she is basically alive” at the time of its launch and the media coverage of this life-like iteration of “artificial general intelligence” went berserk. The technological make-believe of this kind far outpaces the true development in AI research, reports Futurism.