The Guardian newspaper ditches plastic wrapping

Jan 18, 2019, 7:30 AM EST

In the last few days, we have seen at least two heartening examples of how newspapers don’t seek to merely advocate for a lifestyle change for environmental protection but enthusiastically wish to be a part of that change as well.

In a move to cut down its reliance on plastics, The Guardian, a major newspaper in the U.K., has replaced its polythene packaging with completely biodegradable wrappers made from potato starch, writes Inhabitat.

The step makes The Guardian the first national newspaper in the U.K. to circulate its weekend print edition in compostable packaging although publications like the National Trust members’ magazine and the New Internationalist have been doing the same for some time now.

The switch by The Guardian will drive up the price of its print edition, but that’s a pardonable offense given that the readers realize the noble intention and the environmental worth of scrapping plastic packaging, notes Dezeen.

The development reminds of the praiseworthy decision by a Danish newspaper, Politiken, which recently announced dropping its flights and overhauling its coverage of travel in order to reduce its carbon footprints.