#10YearChallenge: Is our planet aging gracefully?

Jan 18, 2019, 3:26 AM EST
(Source: Scott Calleja/flickr)
(Source: Scott Calleja/flickr)

The #10YearChallenge is on. Facebook and Instagram are bombarded with before-and-after photos. I am sure, most of us are basking in a hilarious pleasure, to see our radical transformations in the space of a decade. But to spoil the mood, how would our planet fare on this challenge. A handful of memes are confronting the truth and it’s truly “eye-opening.”

Receding glaciers, starving polar bears and bleaching corals make for a heart-wrenching sight, but that’s how the habitats and lives have progressed on parts strained by rising temperatures and climate change, notes Eco Watch.

These memes don’t resonate with the fun-theme of the challenge, but the pictures are striking for their portrayal of the abysmal state of nature, perhaps foretelling that the future, 10 years later, might be even grimmer, reports MamaMia