Japan’s commercial whaling sabbatical may soon end

Dec 20, 2018, 7:21 AM EST
(Source: David Stanley/flickr)
(Source: David Stanley/flickr)

Japan is drawing flak from conservationists after a report on Thursday claimed that the country may soon pull out from the International Whaling Commission (I.W.C.) to resume commercial whaling, banned since 1986.

Japan, after a prolonged, futile campaign seeking permission for commercial whaling, could scrap its controversial “scientific whaling” expeditions in the Southern Ocean and might open up its coastal waters and exclusive economic zones for whaling fleets next year, notes ABC News.

Conservation campaigners cheered the fact that Japan may end its whaling operations in the Southern Ocean but warned that the country could emerge as a “pirate whaling nation” after withdrawal from the I.W.C., reports The Guardian.

Japan has long argued that whale populations have recovered and that not all species are endangered, but its requests for permission to resume commercial whaling have been turned down, the latest being in September.