E-scooters: A trailblazer that got off the track

Dec 13, 2018, 7:00 AM EST
(Source: Portland Bureau of Transportation/flickr)
(Source: Portland Bureau of Transportation/flickr)

Arguably, the e-scooters have been transformative for streets in 2018, both in positive and negative ways. They rolled on to the streets of Oakland, Paris, Los Angeles and many other cities with the promise of an environmental savior, capturing the world’s imagination only to dash hopes.

No one can deny that dockless e-scooters offered a cheap, easy-to-ride option but at the cost of sidewalks encroached by dozens of pre-charged one-wheelers, notes Digital Trends. Even more repulsive was to witness lousy e-scooter riders zig-zagging on bike lanes, giving rules a rest, invoking disgust for what’s dubbed as the “future of transportation.”

E-scooter companies got to taste the outcome of growing public frustration when some of their machines were tossed into lakes and rivers in Oakland, Portland and other places, as people took it upon themselves to clear the sidewalks of “plastics” strewn around, reports Fast Company.


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