Huawei row: China reacts; another Canadian held

Dec 13, 2018, 6:34 AM EST
Michael Spavor, a Canadian businessman, was detained on charges of threatening China's security.
(Source: naila.rahaman07/flickr)

China has detained Michael Spavor, a Canadian businessman, accusing him of threatening national security, in what is being viewed as Beijing’s retaliation to the arrest of Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou, in Vancouver on December 1.

Spavor is the second Canadian to be detained by China after a former Canadian diplomat, Michael Kovrig, was held earlier this week on charges of engaging in activities that endanger the country’s security, notes The Guardian.

Spavor oversees the working of a company that organizes business, culture and tourism trips to North Korea while Kovrig is employed with a think tank, the International Crisis Group, which China says, runs in the country without legal registration, writes the BBC.