Dirty coal is the patron of Poland climate talks

Dec 04, 2018, 7:08 AM EST
(Source: http://cop24.gov.pl)
(Source: http://cop24.gov.pl)

The United Nations’ annual climate change conference kicked off in Katowice, a small city in the heart of Polish coal country on Sunday, greeting the participants and visitors to tonnes of bemusement for its blatant and pompous display of affection for coal.

Ironically, the 24th iteration of the U.N. climate change conference features coal companies on its sponsors list, and if that wasn’t sufficient to incense the environmentalists, the host’s antic to adorn the halls of the exhibition center with piles of coal managed to pollute the cause, notes Earther.

Poland seeks to push a “just transition” for fossil fuel industries, the backbone of its economy and politics, however, environmentalists see a non-binding declaration as a smokescreen to refuel dying industries instead of investing in green energy, writes AP News.