EU sets sight on being climate neutral by 2050

Nov 29, 2018, 6:59 AM EST
(Source: greensefa/flickr)
(Source: greensefa/flickr)

Climate neutrality – the state characterized by net zero carbon emissions – is a life-and-death requirement within next three decades if the world has to avert a runaway global warming and its catastrophic repercussions.

While the climate policies and their implementation around the globe remains stranded with a Brownian motion, stumbling and failing to achieve even the modest national targets, the EU has set a new ambitious goal of going climate neutral by 2050, reports the BBC.

To walk the talk on this bold climate target, the EU recommends its member states to ramp up solar and wind power generation, so it could meet about 80% of electricity demands. Other measures will include planting trees and locking the planet-warming greenhouse gases underground.

At a time when a recent UN report found half of G20 nations not on track to achieve their emissions goals by 2030, the non-binding proposal by the EU may add pressure on bloc members to shun dilly-dallying on climate matters and move towards achieving tighter goals, notes The Washington Post.