Self-driving taxis, buses to hit U.K. roads by 2021

Nov 26, 2018, 7:07 AM EST
(Source: smoothgroover22/flickr)
(Source: smoothgroover22/flickr)

The U.K. is pressing the accelerator on its autonomous vehicles ambitions. The country recently unveiled an ambitious plan by announcing that it will introduce self-driving taxis on London’s roads and autonomous buses in Scotland by as early as 2021.

As part of the pilot project, five self-driving, single decker buses will run between Fife and Edinburgh across the Forth Bridge, manned by a human driver in compliance with the laws and to ensure passenger safety, writes the BBC.

The government will back the project with  £25 million in state funding, part of which will be routed to private cab company Addison Lee, which is currently mapping the public roads in London and will launch autonomous taxi trials in Greenwich within the next two years, reports Engadget.