AI reads one’s personality with their text messages

Nov 02, 2018, 8:30 AM EDT
(Source: mariasphotography/flickr)
(Source: mariasphotography/flickr)

An artificial intelligence program is reading between the lines to spot the personality traits of its users. “Mei: Messaging with AI” is a text messaging app that combines AI and natural language processing to pick the verbal cues in text messages to predict a user’s personality.

The developers of the app regard it as a better tool for personality tests claiming that Mei’s algorithms feed on huge datasets and correlate millions of relationships, which human peers are likely to miss, notes Business Recorder.

The automation of personality tests brings us to a question – if robot psychologists could rise and gain ground in future, reports Psychology Today. The idea is certainly appealing for its upsides like lower cost of adoption, confidentiality, easy access and availability and more importantly lack of perceived stigma.