The Pentagon’s quest to rewire soldiers’ brains

Nov 02, 2018, 8:23 AM EDT
(Source: DVIDSHUB/flickr)
(Source: DVIDSHUB/flickr)

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon’s research and development wing has long desired a merger of humans and machines although never publicly admitted it.

When the open secret drew public attention a few years back, the agency was quick to pass off an ongoing research to enhance humans as a program to heal injuries and curing illness, a “truth” not easy to stomach for those aware of the activities going on behind the scenes.

The “deceptively compact” agency has a history of introducing a new technology for an appealing application, only to pursue it for an ulterior, insidious and troubling objective, notes The Atlantic.

In the name of brain-controlled prosthetics for soldiers, the DARPA’s neurotechnology research aims at future super-soldiers that control robots with their thoughts. Whether such man-machine symbiosis leads to a brain-controlled fleet of drones showering bullets on opponents or remotely deployed robot ravaging everything in the way on a snap remains to be seen, reports Nextgov.