Brazil’s far-right Bolsonaro wins presidential poll

Oct 29, 2018, 6:01 AM EDT
Brazil's populist leader Jair Bolsonaro is despised by many for his hate-mongering and denigrating remarks on women, gays and migrants.
(Source: Agência Brasil Fotografias/flickr)

Brazil’s far-right, populist candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, who planked his election campaign on promises of stamping out corruption and driving down the country’s high crime levels, cruised to a thumping victory in the presidential election on Sunday.

Bolsonaro, viewed as a controversial figure by many for his pro-gun, pro-torture and pro-dictator stance, bagged 55.1 percent votes, beating his closest rival Fernando Haddad from the left-wing Workers' Party (PT) with a sizeable margin, notes The Guardian.

The mandate for Bolsonaro, a politician widely despised for his hate-mongering and denigrating remarks on issues such as abortion, race, migration and homosexuality, marks a dramatic rightward swing in the largest democracy in Latin America, writes the BBC. In a country that has seen a number of politicians fall from grace in the wake of corruption scandals, Bolsonaro’s promise to “cleanse” the country’s politics has won him the popular support.