Honda, MIT join forces to create curious minded AI

Oct 26, 2018, 8:22 AM EDT
(Source: shay sowden/flickr)
(Source: shay sowden/flickr)

Artificial Intelligence excels at many things but learning to learn is still not one of them, which is why Honda is collaborating with three universities, including MIT, to develop what it calls Curious Minded Machines.

As part of the three-year initiative, Honda endeavors to build intelligent machines that can learn the knowledge acquisition process as exhibited by children, and to apply this ability to help humans carry out interactions and tasks in more efficient ways, writes Engadget.

The program is an extension of Honda’s previous ventures into developing assistive robots, which not only work effectively together but also thrive in mutual existence with humans while sharing their innate traits, which is akin to chasing shadows until a paradigm shift in AI, reports Venture Beat.