Why are Japan’s cherry blossoms blooming in October?

Oct 19, 2018, 7:54 AM EDT
(Source: Spiegel/flickr)
(Source: Spiegel/flickr)

Nature has deceived Japan’s famed cherry blossoms this time around. The iconic flowers, which draw thousands of spring-time visitors in the months of March and April, have already bloomed in October, tricked by a bout of extreme weather.

The phenomenon isn’t uncommon but the scale of the oddity has surprised the observers in Japan, notes Eco Watch. Scientists explain that two powerful typhoons have stripped the trees of their leaves, which contain bloom-inhibiting hormones and hence, the premature flowering.

Also, the warmer temperatures in the wake of the violent summer storms, have tricked the trees to believing that spring has set in, reports CNN. The premature blooming, which looks no more an aberration for its persistence over years, highlights yet another impact of climate change.