In a first, British lawmakers will grill Pepper the robot

Oct 12, 2018, 7:52 AM EDT
(Source: Collision Conf/flickr)
(Source: Collision Conf/flickr)

The British parliament is set to witness unprecedented scenes as Pepper the robot, walks in front of the Commons Education Select Committee to give evidence on the implications of artificial intelligence and robotics on education.

The details about the testimony are hazy and it remains to be seen if Pepper, a line of robots created by Japan’s SoftBank Robotics, is pre-programmed to answer MPs’ questions or relies on AI for impromptu interactions, notes The Independent.

Pepper, touted as “a culturally aware” robot, can interpret and respond to emotions, however, it’s been shown the doors by its early employers, including Pizza Hut and a Scottish grocery store, writes Futurism