Setback for French PM as interior minister quits

Oct 03, 2018, 6:36 AM EDT
French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has been PM Emmanuel Macron’s devout supporter.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, one of Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron’s devout supporters, stepped down on Tuesday so he could contest for his old job as mayor of the city of Lyon in 2020.

Earlier on Monday, Macron turned down Collomb’s first attempt to resign but the 71-year-old former Socialist Party stalwart, stuck to his decision, which many view as an unprecedented challenged on the prime minister’s authority, writes The Guardian.

Collomb’s resignation following the departure of France’s popular environment minister and the sports minister, comes as a blow for Macron, whose approval ratings have plummeted from 60 percent in May 2017 to 30 percent, reports Deutsche Welle.