Australia’s double-dealing with Pacific environment

Sep 05, 2018, 8:23 AM EDT
(Source: Rushen/flickr)
(Source: Rushen/flickr)

Xavier Matsutaro, the national climate change coordinator for a small Pacific nation, Palau, fails to conceal his puzzled anguish at Australia, accusing the country of a two-faced policy vis-à-vis climate action in the region.

Matsutaro likens Australia’s climate approach in the Pacific region to a “dysfunctional” and “abusive” relationship between spouses, an allegation that stems from the country’s vacillating views that deny the very existence of climate change at global summits while at the same time doling out aid to fight global warming in the region, notes The Guardian.

The blunt remarks follow the recent move by the Pacific Islands to declare climate change as their “single greatest threat” shortly after Australian leaders uprooted Malcolm Turnbull over a climate policy, reports The New Daily.