Iran MPs summon Rouhani over economic woes

Aug 01, 2018, 7:33 AM EDT
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani is under pressure to deliver on poll promises.
(Source: World Economic Forum/flickr)

For the first time, the Iranian lawmakers have summoned President Hassan Rouhani seeking an explanation over the country’s deteriorating economy, the steep fall in the rial’s value and rising unemployment.

Embattled Rouhani faces tough questions from both the Iranian people and the hardline political rivals, frustrated with the leader’s failure to deliver on electoral promises, notes Quint.

Rouhani, who was instrumental in striking a nuclear deal with the West, would have to answer why Iranian banks are still cut off from global financial services, which in a way, amplifies the effects of the U.S. sanctions after Washington pulled out of the historic accord in May, writes Reuters.