AI learns to dig into the “mind” of other AIs

Jul 31, 2018, 8:47 AM EDT
(Source: Ecole polytechnique/flickr)
(Source: Ecole polytechnique/flickr)

Why do digital assistants such as Siri or Alexa seem emotionally remote even with their ridiculously real imitation of human voices, tones and textures? Is it their facile understanding of human sentiments and context? Psychologists attribute this limitation to the computers’ ignorance of the Theory of mind.

As a means to understand what unfolds inside the “minds” of a computer, driven by machine learning that self-navigates problems creating its own set of complex algorithms, a team of researchers has developed an AI system, named “ToMnet,” which probes the activity on three fronts, notes Science.

Simply put, the experiment reveals AI’s ability to probe another AI system and detect its next move based on its past actions and tendencies.