This AI keeps an eagle eye on serenading birds

Jul 21, 2018, 7:09 AM EDT
(Source: saiberiac/flickr)
(Source: saiberiac/flickr)

Identifying bird species in a habitat through their songs is a tricky affair. The recordings are often noisy, with surrounding sounds overlapping with the chirps and squeaks making it difficult for even the most sophisticated computers to spot the birds.

As part of a month-long contest, 30 teams trained their AI program on various bird recordings, skilling them to differentiate between bird sounds and non-bird sounds, an effort that resulted in programs capable of identifying very short, hard-to-analyze bird calls, writes Science.

The program is yet to catch up with humans over accurately picking the bird songs but it’s ability to work round the clock may soon land it in the woods. Such an algorithm could be handy in keeping an eagle eye on how wildlife is adapting to shifting weather patterns and rising temperatures, notes Science Daily.