Hippocratic oath on AI weapons & its hypocrisy

Jul 20, 2018, 7:43 AM EDT
(Source: Peter Ladd/flickr)
(Source: Peter Ladd/flickr)

Artificial intelligence is a godsend and at the same time, an opening to a dystopian future left to the tender mercies of killer autonomous weapons rearing to unleash bloodshed on commands of a click.

For all its pretension of naivety, a community of top AI experts acknowledged the menacing threats of this technology, recently releasing a pledge not to use artificial intelligence for building lethal autonomous weapons. One hundred and seventy organizations and 2,464 individuals signed the pledge, notes Futurism.

Is there an underlying hypocrisy in such Hippocratic oaths when news of Pentagon’s enthusiastic AI push for tanks, ships, weapons, drones and networks continue to surface? Can private firms absolve them of any participation in such projects? The technology to autonomously destroy a target without human intervention “is already here,” writes Fox News.