China’s “AI in education” initiative picks steam

Jul 02, 2018, 9:07 AM EDT
(Source: Chris Betcher/flickr)
(Source: Chris Betcher/flickr)

China’s path to becoming the world leader in artificial intelligence research and development by 2030 goes through its classrooms where intelligent systems are already being trialed to monitor the facial expressions and behavior of the students.

Such a system that, in the words of a student “acts like a pair of mystery eyes,” could be helpful for teachers to refine their teaching methods based on attention and engagement levels in the classroom but raises concerns over personal privacy, notes Fanatical Futurist.

With the demand for AI professionals projected to hit 5 million in coming years, AI firm SenseTime has launched a program in 40 schools where kids are using “digital gardens to learn AI,” reports Abacus News.