Colombia president-elect vows to change Farc deal

Jun 18, 2018, 6:53 AM EDT
Colombia’s President-elect Ivan Duque secured 54 percent votes.
(Source: Iván Duque/flickr)

Colombia’s president-elect Ivan Duque, who clinched the presidential victory on the back of a highly polarizing campaign, vowed to reunite the country and overhaul the landmark peace deal with the Farc rebels.

Duque’s promise to change the Farc accord, viewed as overly lenient and rewarding for perpetrators of violence in the country, spells uncertainty for Colombia’s prospects of long-term peace, notes the BBC.

A high influx of Venezuelans from porous border, frail economy and expansion of drug trafficking gangs into former territories of the Farc are key challenges faced by the newcomer leader, writes Reuters.