Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupts; 25 dead, 300 injured

Jun 04, 2018, 7:25 AM EDT
(Source: Reuters/Lius Echeverria/
(Source: Reuters/Lius Echeverria/

At least 25 people were killed and around 300 others injured on Sunday after Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted and engulfed the village of El Rodeo in a five-mile stream of lava and billowing clouds of black smoke and ash.

More than 3,100 people have been evacuated from the region where lava poured through fields and houses, writes the BBC. Three days of national mourning has been declared in the country as relief and rescue workers toil hard to clear volcanic ash and set up makeshift shelters.

Clouds of ash also rained down on Guatemala City, which is 44km from the volcano, forcing the national capital to shut down its only runway, notes The Guardian.