This solar panel harvests electricity from raindrops

May 25, 2018, 8:47 AM EDT
(Source: minoru karamatsu(柄松稔/flickr)
(Source: minoru karamatsu(柄松稔/flickr)

A hybrid solar panel, displayed in a laboratory at Soochow University in China, is designed to weather all seasons, rainy or sunny, without a drop in power output, thanks to its ability to harvest electricity from raindrops.

The lightweight device relies on triboelectric nanogenerators (Tengs) to tap the kinetic energy of incident raindrops without compromising the power output during grey skies, notes The Guardian.

The device responds to an urgent need to scavenge alternative energy from the environment using a variety of energy harvesters and could push the adoption of solar setups on a wider scale, writes Digital Trends.