Tapping the power of strategic intuition in business

May 16, 2018, 8:32 AM EDT
(Source: A. Strakey/flickr)
(Source: A. Strakey/flickr)

Businesses can no longer rely only on an isolated strategy or an isolated intuition when looking to seize upon the next big opportunities. A blend of both the disciplines, called strategic intuition, may be the way forward, according to Pial Islam, Managing Partner at pi Strategy Consulting.

Where strategic intuition differs from ordinary intuitions like hunches and gut feelings is its characteristic trait to “connect seemingly unconnected dots” not only on the basis of one’s past experiences but also inferring from the experiences of others, writes The Daily Star.

A brilliant example of strategic intuition is visible when Steve Job, in 1979, could thoughtfully link Apple’s earlier machines with a new GUI being developed by Xerox at that time.