The two Koreas vow to “write a new chapter” in history

Apr 27, 2018, 6:52 AM EDT
N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un meets his S. Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in.
(Source: Republic of Korea/flickr)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in pledged to “write a new chapter” in the peninsula’s history as they met for a landmark summit, aimed at restoring peace between the two nations, technically still at war.

The two leaders shook hands at the border before Moon crossed the military demarcation line on Kim’s insistence in an unscripted moment rich with symbolism and warmth, notes the BBC.

The specifics of the talks between the two leaders are yet to be revealed but skeptics believe the negotiations would barely mark any substantial progress over denuclearization and signing of a formal peace treaty, writes The Guardian