“Urban mining” is worth its weight in gold: Study

Apr 09, 2018, 7:38 AM EDT
(Source: Rwanda Green Fund/flickr)
(Source: Rwanda Green Fund/flickr)

A new study finds that urban mining- the process of recovering precious metals from e-waste- is far more lucrative than traditional ore mining, a revelation that may please the businesses and the environmentalists alike, for its potential to mint money while ridding the planet Earth of toxic electronic heaps.

A study at Beijing’s Tsinghua University and Sydney’s Macquarie University compared the total cost involved in ore mining and urban mining in China, concluding that the former is 13 times more expensive, notes Futurism.

Urban mining results in lower environmental impact while also reducing stress on fossil fuels, as secondary resources derived from it are locally available for recycling and consumption, writes Deutsche Welle.