Dutch firm shows off “world’s first” commercial flying car

Mar 14, 2018, 7:24 AM EDT
(Source: https://www.pal-v.com/en/explore-pal-v)
(Source: https://www.pal-v.com/en/explore-pal-v)

Stuck in traffic snarls if you ever dreamt of a car, which could convert from a terrestrial machine into a flying bird and soar past long queues on road, a Dutch aircraft manufacturer has just answered your wish.

Pal-V Liberty production model, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last week, is billed as “the world’s first commercial flying car” that can crank up a flying speed of 180 kilometers per hour carrying a driver and one passenger, writes Dezeen.

The car, likely to go to production lines by next year, toggles from drive to flight mode within 10 minutes but would require one to have a license to both fly and drive the aircraft, notes Highsnobiety.