Oxfam: Witness threatened in sexual misconduct inquiry

Feb 19, 2018, 6:05 AM EST
(Source: Philippe sosson/flickr)
(Source: Philippe sosson/flickr)

The disgraced British charity, Oxfam, under fire for alleged sexual exploitation by its Haiti team in 2011, has released its internal report, admitting that three of the accused men threatened a witness during an investigation into the scandal.

Oxfam made public a redacted version of the 11-page document, withholding the names and identities of the staff that hired sex workers and brought them to the British charity-funded accommodations while on an aid mission following Haiti's devastating 2010 earthquake, writes the BBC.

The damning report exposes the culture of exploitation, breach of trust, gross misconduct and the efforts to thwart an investigation, which has irreparably tarnished the charity’s reputation at home and across the world, notes The Guardian.

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